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Comic: Dream Act

Medieval Madness Episode 1 — Killer Rabbit

I think I’m just going to start randomly posting bizarre, out-of-context things from the middle ages that are an utter non-sequitur to modern eyes. You’re welcome.

The Memory

One day sometime during the mid-eighties I was dressing my Barbies for a killer expedition in their red Corvette on the front driveway. All of a sudden, my grandmother stomped up to me with a genuinely distraught expression on her ordinarily cheerful face. “I want you to promise me that you will never marry a […]

Fun with Search Suggestions

Game of WTF

People kept telling me I needed to check out Game of Thrones. Not people I knew really well — so perhaps that should have tipped me off. Friends who know your tastes can usually make more accurate recommendations. The first five minutes were intriguing. There were three strong characters — the cocksure commander, the veteran, […]

Please Don’t Waste These People

I understand that war is a reality of human history, but I can’t help but be disturbed by how wasteful it is. War consists of massive amounts of time, human capital, and resources being destroyed. It’s expensive to make a bomb, and when it’s been blown up there isn’t anything economically or socially useful about […]

Pr0nspam Fail

Most comment spam isn’t worth dwelling on, but this was brilliant enough to want to share with y’all. Webcam Sex x If you happen to be browsing for an one-evening stand or maybe a lifelong association, it really is paramount to generally be mindful when you are gathering people from the On-Line […]