Stella Quinn is a wordsmith, übergeek, technophile, movie junkie, vocalizer, and an expert on Middle English Poetry and the Black Plague. She went to college and got Smart and then on to graduate school, which oddly enough made her less Smart.

Stella is an award-winning author. In kindergarten she wrote a poem about ice cream that was read at 5:45 am on NPR one Tuesday in 1984. She went on to further accolades at the age of nine, winning a tall tale writing contest. Her story was performed live onstage at Knott’s Berry Farm before a rollicking audience of her mom and about ten other people who wandered by. She continues to reach for the stars in literary achievement, composing rambling blog posts, dirty limericks, and mind-bogglingly dull scholarly papers on plague-era epic poetry.

You can find Stella’s Miltonesque musings on modern life in The Dudespaper, the world’s finest online publication for fans of The Big Lebowski. She contributed to The Abide Guide, Dudeism’s lifestyle manual. She has also been published in The Freethinker. Stella is currently hard at work on a science fiction novel and a book of crochet patterns.

Stella plays piano, ukulele, bodhrán, tin whistle, and electric bass. She is a former member of the USC Oriana Choir and The Merry Wives of Windsor. In college she played with numerous crappy bands with horribly tacky names including Blue Ethyl, The Minty Fresh Quartet, and Destructive Vegetables.

In addition to live musical performance, Stella has worked in the video games industry. Among other roles in several other games, she provided voicing for Sapphire and Witchcraft for Champions Online and Farek, Mesi Achebe, and Karen Andrews for Star Trek Online.

Stella is an ordained Dudeist priest and would be happy to officiate at any wedding, barbecue, momentous occasion or what-have-you free of charge. Not so free of charge are the goodies she sells on Etsy, where she operates a store selling crochet armour.

She currently resides with her laptop, crazy cat and hawt genius husband in California, where she writes fiction and short autobiographies in the third person. You can find her on Twitter or at your local shoe store.

Contact her at stella at robotfromthefuture dot com. Especially if you’d like to discuss a book deal.