29 May 13

Ode to a Succulent


O, Succulent
Weed, leftover, forgotten and alone
Left behind in thy terra cotta pot
The previous tenant hath forsaken thee
Left to endure nature’s hot
And lonesome stare

I did not want thee, Succulent
And did wait for death’s sweet kiss
Your species indeterminate
I would not be remiss
To let you pass

And lo, Succulent
You refused to shuffle off the mortal coil
Thy stubbornness withstood the fury
Of wind and rain and falling askew
Although I appointed myself judge and jury
You refused to let me be your executioner
So . . . I guess you’ve earned the right to live

My terms are simple, Succulent
As I bury thee in earth
Right side up and water├ęd
A new in-garden birth
You wouldn’t die when I tried to kill you

So please don’t spite me now.