26 Mar 13

Plant Inventory

Indian Hawthorn. Native to Japan, China, and Korea. Shrub grows up to 15 feet tall and can be pruned into a tree. They do have very pretty pink flowers in spring and make a charming shrub. I may keep one, but more than one will be too many. Now that I’m settled in a little more, I’m taking stock of what I’ve got in my yard.

Kaffir Lily. Native to South Africa. Non-invasive, low growing lily that does well under trees. I think I’ll keep these to plant under the palms where we hang our hammock.

Native to tropical regions of the Americas and Africa. Poisonous and invasive. Irritates skin and creates toxicity in animals who eat it. Kill it with fire.

Melaleuca quinquenervia
Paper bark tree. I have three of these ugly buggers out front. Native to Papua New Guinea, it is considered noxious and invasive in several US states. I’d like them GONE and replaced with something less messy.

New Zealand Flax. Native to New Zealand. I have four in my yard. They are striking and attractive, but four feels like too many. It may be nice to keep one as a show piece but I’d rather have a little more space in my yard.

Pittosporum tobira
Japanese Mock orange. Native to Japan, Korea, and China. Shrub can grow up to 10 feet and be pruned into a tree or grown into a hedge. Incredibly boring. They’re gonna go.

Syagrus romanzoffiana
There are quite a few Queen Palms. They’re slender and provide nice dappled shade, so they’ll stay.

Strelitzia nicolai
Giant Bird of Paradise. Native to South Africa. Two clumps of these are growing absolutely out of control. They need to go.