21 Mar 13


Yeah so like I just rode my bike over to the health food store, although it was a pain before I left because I couldn’t find my flip flops and I really didn’t want to wear shoes that required socks. But luckily I found them over by where I keep the hammock. So like I cruised down Ponderosa and it was all good but then like this guy was coming along on a longboard and he was going the wrong way in the bike lane. I wanted to be like “Dude, Thou Shalt Not Drop In on a Wave, Nor Shalt Thou Skateboard the Wrong Way in the Bike Lane,” but I was too busy dodging this other dude’s pickup truck. I was kinda P.O.ed but then I was like, whatever. I almost got fully smashed but at least the truck had sweet rims and a bitchin’ paint job.

So I got to the health food store and they were all out of organic buckwheat groats, except then I remembered that they keep those over in the bulk bins. Duh! So like the chick ringing me up was all “Hey, that’s a sweet bike,” and I was like “Thanks. I only paid like $100 for it.” And then she was all “No way?” and I was like, “Sheah. Best money I ever spent.” And then she was like, “Seriously, dude, I gotta get a beach cruiser.” And I was all “You’d have so much fun,” and then she went “Enjoy your buckwheat. It’s like super good if you simmer it and then top it off with some local wildflower honey.” I was blown away so I was all, “That’s a rad idea. Thanks!”

And then when I was biking home I saw this sign for the farmer’s market, which I should check out because I totally need some fresher avocados because seriously the avocados at the supermarket had to have been picked like at least three days ago. So gross. Anyway I made it home all good, but I realized that I’m gonna have to go back tomorrow because I only got one pound of organic buckwheat groats when I really should have got like a pound and a half. Bummer.