12 Sep 12

Game of WTF

People kept telling me I needed to check out Game of Thrones. Not people I knew really well — so perhaps that should have tipped me off. Friends who know your tastes can usually make more accurate recommendations.

The first five minutes were intriguing. There were three strong characters — the cocksure commander, the veteran, and the wimp. They all get freaked out in the woods and then a creepy zombie kid shows up. For a minute I thought I was going to get treated to a super awesome mashup of fantasy and science fiction. Maybe the “game of thrones” was going to be between Boromir and some badass necromancer. I could get behind that.

Then the credits started. They lasted fifteen minutes and seemed to be some kind of vertigo-inducing geography lesson, so I went to make myself a snack. When I came back, I saw the following:

  • No apparent main character to care about
  • Disparate, underdeveloped plot lines in several different locations
  • Sexually precocious girl that rates a seven out of ten on the Lolita scale
  • Creepy incestuous flirtation
  • Creepy incestuous sexual assault
  • Blood orgy
  • Black women only shown as gyrating semi-nude barbarians who can’t seem to find enough sexual partners to mate with in public
  • Arab-looking people shown as bloodthirsty, heartless, sex-crazed savages
  • White people shown as elegant, well-dressed, civilized, intelligent, and Machiavellian
  • Rape
  • Incestuous and treasonous sex
  • Murdering a child who witnessed the incestuous and treasonous sex to cover it up

I’m not really interested in watching the rest of the series. I won’t judge anybody else for enjoying it. It’s just that an impressive cast, great special effects, and very believable sets and costuming can’t draw my eye more than seriously blatant misogyny, racism, pointless violence and a plot that is such an incoherent mess. Some kind of black magic had to have been involved in making this show popular, because I certainly can’t see any way it could have done it on its own merit.