13 Feb 12

New Desk, New Office, New Thang

Day 1 at the new gig so far:

It’s quiet. Like, REALLY quiet. That’s mostly ok.

There’s a ton of extra space in the large room where myself and a few other coworkers are set up. I’m thinking we need some bean bag chairs or a ping pong table or something in here. This space is way too promising to leave empty.

There are cool toys EVERYWHERE. When It’s not like, my first day, imma go play with some of them.

I need to bring some stuff from home for desk decorations. It’s pretty blank in here at the moment.

It’s really reassuring to be in an office where everybody seems so normal and has such clear work/life boundaries. I really think that I’m going to continue to be able to pursue the projects I’ve been working on at no expense to the day job, which promises to be oodles of fun in its own right.

So for Monday the 13th, things are looking good. :)