21 Oct 11

Arkham City so far

Things I expected and have not been let down on:

  • Awesome graphics
  • Gorgeous attention to detail in textures and shading
  • Good character development
  • No wasting time with boring lengthy cutscenes
  • Hunt for Joker trophies is less stupid this time
  • The more open world format makes the game less linear and more fun

Things I did not expect:

  • Lots and lots of sexist language (so far every female character has been referred to as a bitch and/or had her attractiveness and intelligence rated by male characters)
  • Prisoners telling Bruce Wayne they intend to rape him
  • Harley Quinn telling Batman that Joker is too busy masturbating to come talk to him
  • Thugs joking frat-boy style that Catwoman is bisexual
  • Lots of swearing, which is out of character for a Batman game
  • Alfred is back in the same old personality-free British stereotype. Boooo-ring.
  • The absence of Oracle as an awesome female character

Jeez, DC. I wanted you to take the story and excitement up a notch. Was the team behind this game spending too many of their evenings watching online porn? The visual setting of the game makes it gritty enough. For the Batman franchise, topping the awesome gameplay experience that was Arkham Asylum didn’t require sexual violence, denigrating women, and pointless profanity. Here’s hoping it improves.