19 Jun 11

Tweets for the Week

  • Time to rack some IPA! #
  • @M3ch1E Lemons: http://youtu.be/NyLUU3O4zW8 #
  • This is the raddest thing I'm going to see all day: http://bit.ly/la22GW #robot #awesome #epicwin #
  • Looks like America is more gooder at hockey than Diet Britain. #
  • @shaver so we imported all the good ones #americafuckyeah in reply to shaver #
  • Minutes without Internet at the office: 3.6. My right eye has begun twitching. #
  • @johnolilly Casa Bonita. It will change your life. in reply to johnolilly #
  • Is it bad that I'm now known at the post office as 'The Lady With the Red Wagon'? #
  • If women tweeted every time they were harrassed on city streets, sadly I bet it would trend as the number one topic. #
  • Happiness: http://bit.ly/mx4oYj #
  • Bleah. Knee sore, back sore from moving furniture last night. Isn't it Saturday? Can't I stay home? No? Dangit. #
  • Have cut out all the silk for The DRESS. Am celebrating with @EnglishMossop at Cheesecake Factory. #