18 Jun 11

Hey Birthday Dude

Last Saturday I took advantage of Buttercup’s experience as a model to show off some new swag for our online catalog at work. We were outside the building snapping some shots while people streamed by on their way to the Giants game. A few friends were walking by. One of them was holding a sign that read “Kiss me! It’s my birthday!”

He was kind of cute, so I informed Buttercup of this. She said “Really? Tell him to get over here!”

I needed to get the guy’s attention before he walked away, so all I could think to shout was “HEY BIRTHDAY DUDE! THERE’S A CHICK OVER HERE!”

Birthday Dude, looking shocked, was patted on the back by his friends and encouraged to come over. And Buttercup gave him a birthday smoocheroo.

So now Birthday Dude can say he got kissed by a model on the way to a baseball game because he made a crappy sign. Not a bad way to spend your special day.