30 Jan 11

Tweets for the Week

  • NO LOKI you can not has mah pizza. That's a bad kitteh!! #
  • I wish that metadata on classical music mp3s would use the year of composition rather than the year of perfomance if they have to choose. #
  • Movie I'd like to see: Jesse Ventura takes on the TSA, Predator-style http://bit.ly/eufnLP #
  • Feeling like a CSS badass after overhauling my blog theme and obliterating surplus code like a cockroach exterminator. #
  • Wait where did the beautiful sunny weather go?? NOcal is not SOcal. #
  • This guy wins at the Internet today http://bit.ly/dKjNcO #
  • Hey #trojans Thelonius Monk has his own beer to go along with the #usc jazz institute! http://twitpic.com/3ubnh9 #