06 Jan 11

Ribbon Scarf

Difficulty: Easy peasy


  • J hook
  • Some Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair (35% mohair, 30% acrylic, 25% cotton, 10% polyester metallic blend) that I had left over
  • A spool of shiny sheer 1/2 inch white ribbon

Loosely ch an odd number until the scarf is as long as you like. If you’re using a bit of leftover yarn (as I was) then you should do some math to figure out how many rows you want to get out of the yarn, and use that to calculate how long your base row should be.

When you reach your desired length, turn and ch 2 to be the first dc. Put 1 dc in each st to the end of the row. Turn and repeat until the scarf has reached your desired width.

Take your ribbon and loosely weave it in and out of the stitches, curving it around the ends of rows and alternating each row to give it a basketweave effect. Take the loose ends and make a loop about four inches around the last stitch. Use the end of the ribbon to tie a tight knot around itself, then pull the entire back loop back into the loose weave going in and out of the stitches.

There you go!

This pattern might also look nice done on a finer gauge with a smaller ribbon. Stay tuned, kids!