15 Nov 10

Messy. Delicious.

Last year’s NaNoWriMo was pretty painful. Most of what I wrote was crap, and I was up till midnight on the last night, squeezing out every last word of dreck until, panting and broken, I made it across the finish line.

This year I’m not having that problem. I’ve got fewer than 15,000 words to go, and the word calculator on the site estimates I’ll finish in five days if I keep going at this rate.

The writing is still messy, out of order, and mostly a dump of ideas, but it is flowing out with a cohesive message. (I believe.) I keep jumping from section to section, but I think when I’m done with this initial draft I’ll have something worth editing.

If you’re interested in reading the finished draft and acting as a critic, let me know.