23 Nov 10


I finished NaNoWriMo a week early. As of now I’ve got 50,366 words. This only happened because I was insanely prolific the first two weeks. The last week words have only kind of trickled out. I’m hoping the long holiday weekend will give me time to keep working on this story. I’ve hit the word goal; now I can work on refining this story, which I think may have some merit as a full-length novel.

I’ve been meaning for some time to address in fiction the fragmented life we all seem to live. When everything’s been given a post-modern dissection, from family relationships to religion to gender roles, we’re confronted with the fact that the world is now a blank slate to paint as we wish. That’s a thrilling but frightening prospect. Without a plan, it’s easy for life to feel meaningless. But once we seize the power of painting our own world, we can become truly happy and empowered.

Good luck to all the other WriMos out there. You can do it!