04 Jan 10

The Poet Laureate of the Internet

If you still haven’t picked up D.J. Earworm’s “Blame it on the Pop” and given it a listen, make a new year’s resolution to do so right now.

There’s a lot of people out there doing mashups, but very few are able to effect the kind of poetry that DJ Earworm does. If you take a look at the lyrics from this year’s compilation of the top 25 hits, you can see how he’s lifted the common threads out of popular music and distilled what was on the collective mind. The word “down” appears over and over, but at the same time threads of hope come through.

We all believed that the internet and digital media presented some pretty powerful possibilities, but they weren’t really made tangible for me until I discovered DJ Earworm’s work. It takes a true artist to find the common threads in unrelated things and infuse them both with new meaning. And a really, really kickass beat to dance to. Well done, Mr. DJ. Keep it coming.