12 Oct 09

Hear, hear.

Bravo, Topless Robot:

“Topless Robot is of the opinion that this book is a cash grab by the late Douglas Adams’ wife, that Douglas Adams was so individual a writer that no one could or should try to replicate him, and that And Another Thing should be avoided at all costs. If there was a way to not buy the book any harder, I would do that. Maybe I can demand a refund for it from a bookstore just by virtue of its existence.”

I thought this book was a freaking terrible idea when I first heard about it, and I still think that now. Can we please toss Eoin Colfer into the Total Perspective Vortex? Puh-lease? Anybody with a shred of decency would have considered frisbee seppuku just for contemplating writing a Hitchhiker’s sequel, let alone actually going through with it.

Douglas Adams was right. There is no god. Because if there were, she wouldn’t have let something like this happen.